How to inspire people without getting them bored?

I remember the first time using iPod which my sister got as a free gift from the McDonald’s. For me, it was the beginning of a new era. After several years of my iPod experience, and as a iPhone user now, these devices do not impress me any more. Whenever Apple introduces new products, I’m surprised but compared to the first time I touched my first iPod touch, it’s almost NOTHING. 

Same thing happened with the TED. Now it’s world-widely known and has inspired many. When I first saw the video of TED as an assignment, it was fresh, new, and fun. And now, I don’t know. It’s not TED’s problem, or Apple’s at all. It’s about me being not impressed with things that I’m always aware of. 

I’m used to the interface of Apple products, I’m used to the amazing stories of TED. It’s not about the quality of information any more. It’s all about the first moment. How can we inspired people continuously with the same topic? I truly believe that anyone who can achieve it will conquer the future of information, which automatically will be led to financial success. 

How can we do it? More importantly, will it be ever possible?